Telehealth Providers During Covid-19

During the COVID-19 crisis many health insurance companies are offering coverage for telehealth services. Here is a list of local mental health providers offering telehealth.

There is so much happening in the world around us. Our daily routines have been all but shattered, and in their place sometimes it seems all that is left is chaotic uncertainty. Many parents are worried about the lasting effects of unstructured days, lack of schooling, lost time with friends, and excess screen time are going to have on their children. While these cares and concerns are valid, the short answer is, it will all be ok. Breathe, and repeat after me, it will all be ok. This is a temporary curve ball, a temporary detour to our daily lives. It is definitely a time of uncertainty and heavy doses of anxiety, but this is not forever.Whether we are talking about widespread illness like COVID 19 or any other potentially difficult circumstances we may face at any point during our lives, any time of change, uncertainty, struggle, fear or sadness can have a big impact on our quality of life. During difficult times it is important to remember that our internal dialogue is just as important as the messages we are receiving from the world around us. Take time to be mindful and present. Acknowledge that you don’t have to have it all figured out. Tell yourself, I am enough, I am safe, I am loved, I am not alone, and we will get through this together. As far as schedules, parents should not stress themselves out trying to recreate the perfect school environment at home. Every moment of your child’s day does not need to be filled with magic and creativity or planned out perfectly by the hour. However, having a general layout or plan for the day can help keep everyone feeling a little more centered and focused. Don’t feel guilty about a little extra screen time during these difficult periods, many parents have found themselves being full time caregiver, housekeeper, teacher, and working from home. This is a lot of hats to wear and you don’t need to meet any expectation of perfection. Give yourself grace, you are doing the best you can. Allow your children to use the available technology to stay connected with friends and loved ones.

Even with a calm approach to uncertainty in the home, sometimes it’s helpful to get insight and advice from a professional. If you or a family member could use someone to talk to throughout this time of uncertainty there are many mental health providers offering telehealth services to aid those in need while keeping in accordance with social distancing. Listed below are several local providers offering telehealth services. Many are in network with all major insurance carriers including Medicare.

The Healing Library Downloadable Family Resources

Greater Baltimore Counseling Center (counseling and med management)

Annapolis Child and Family Therapy Center

Safe Harbour Christian Counseling

Healthwaves Counseling LLC

Amanda Fincher (specializes in teen and pre teen girls)

Spectrum Behavioral Health

Together Couples Counseling

PDG Therapeutics

Chesapeake Bay Psychological Services

Kennedy Krieger Institute behavioral psychology department 443-923-7508

Baltimore Annapolis Center for Integrative Healing

Mirror Mental Health

Bridgewater Psychology

Anchored Hope Therapy

Innovative Therapeutic Services

Park Wellness Group

Baltimore Washington Counseling Center

Argo Counseling

Turnquist and Associates

Solace Family Counseling

Align Counseling & Wellness

North Star Counseling and Wellness

Anne Arundel Counseling

Waypoint Wellness

Maryland Center for Psychiatry

Sara Pula

Guiding Therapy Annapolis, (Marna Wollman Brickman) accepts Johns Hopkins US Family, EHP and Medicare Advantage Health Plans

Shawna Bohn Lindberg 410-913-6211

Marie Burgess

Sue Knight LCSW-C 410-349-6371

Eileen Martini

Cheryl Rubenstein 301-461-1717

Children at Play Occupational Therapy


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