Welcome to Moms For Mental Health, a judgement free space for discussion and support. We meet monthly for in person meetings in the Annapolis Area and have guest speakers in fields pertaining to mental health and wellness. Our goal is to promote awareness and offer support for mental health and overall wellness. Whether you yourself struggle with a mental illness or have loved ones who do you are welcome here. Although we are based in Annapolis Maryland we do welcome non local members. For our local members we have many outings and events but our non-local members can still get valuable support from our online community and Online weekly chats.

What People Say

Moms for Mental Health gives me a safe place where I don’t feel the societal pressure to “do it all.” I can be having a bad day and not one single person judges me for it, no matter how big or small the problem. It’s a godsend for someone suffering from anxiety—a constant reminder that I’m not alone and have a support network to catch me if I fall.

Kayla S.

When talking to my mother in law about being a mom (and how hard it is) she often mentions other moms that she was able to create a “village” with and how helpful and saving it was for her. Times are different, it’s hard to make, find a village . This group feels like the start of my village, my tribe.

Jamie P.

A place where hiding behind your screen actually does good. Women uplifting women, moms caring for moms and unconditional acceptance. This page has been a godsend for someone isolated and diagnosed with severe anxiety and depression. I know I am not alone. I draw strength in trying to lift others and I draw strength from the women who lift me. We need to end the stigma that it is not okay to not be okay. You never know what someone is going through and this page has helped me get my voice back. It has gotten me off of the couch, it has made me interact, and it is awe inspiring to see the work of one woman morphe into something life changing. It’s the first page I check each day ❤

Jennifer J.

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