March Meetups and Updates

Happy March! We have our monthly meetings scheduled for women, teens, middle schoolers and youth. Our guest speaker at the women’s meetup is Risa Ganel of Together Couples Counseling. She will be speaking about the division of labor in relationships as well as talking to us about effective communication. All teens, middle schoolers, and elementary school aged children are welcome to attend our meetups where they will be able to interact with peers who are either currently struggling with mental health related issues, have family or friends who are struggling, or who have struggled in the past. All of our meeting are a space free of judgement and full of love. Dates and times can be found on our calendar of events.

We also have the bill hearing scheduled for suicide prevention in Annapolis this Wednesday. For those who wish to support please find the information under events on our Facebook Page

We are also pleased to announce the official launch of Joy Squad so please feel free to reach out if you are in need of a friend and compassionate ear to help you through a difficult moment or a troublesome day.

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