Mother’s Day How to Celebrate During Times of Social Distancing

With the current state of things it may seem difficult to celebrate in the ways we are used to. Brunch, pedicures, spa treatments, day trips… These all seem to be hindered by current restraints, regulations, and closings. Fear not, there are still plenty of ways to celebrate Mother’s Day for yourself and the special women […]

Occupational Therapy For Children Via Telehealth

This is a stressful time for all of us. And for parents of children with special needs this can be even more challenging. Parents want to ensure that their children are receiving the care and intervention they need and are striving to ensure that they receive continuity of care. Fortunately businesses like Children at Play […]

Dr. Bubnik-Harrison with Kennedy Krieger Talks About Helping Families Through Stressful Times

During times of stress we can all use a little guidance. Dr. Bubnik-Harrison with Kennedy Krieger talks openly with me about how families can work through times of stress with compassion and understanding for each other. Whether that be dealing with current events like Covid-19 or any stressful situation such as the death of a […]

Telehealth Services During COVID 19

During the COVID-19 crisis many health insurance companies are offering coverage for telehealth services. Here is a list of local mental health providers offering telehealth. There is so much happening in the world around us. Our daily routines have been all but shattered, and in their place sometimes it seems all that is left is […]

Stay Home And Stay Safe, The Most Vulnerable Among Us Are Relying On Sound Choices

I found this article to be quite insightful and informative with regards to explaining why play dates are not advised. Pediatrician Urges Parents To Cancel Play Dates Before reading this article I also want to state that I am fully aware that there are some parents who are still utilizing their childcare services because as […]