AAMC Mental Health Hospital

The J. Kent McNew Family Medical Center will be a pivotal point in providing expanded access to mental health care for Maryland residents. Mental health and the care that is needed to address it is severely lacking nationwide. It is often misunderstood and underfunded. AAMC is striving to do their part in changing the narrative of how their patients’ needs are addressed. Just this past month Anne Arundel County declared suicide a public health crisis and urged the health department to take appropriate action to address these critical issues. From the AAHS website “According to the county’s Community Health Needs Assessment, mental health is one of the highest health care priorities.”

The goal of the J. Kent McNew medical center is to provide quality, comprehensive and integrated care in one location for those needing mental health help. Services provided at the new facility will include:

-Inpatient mental health care

-A psychiatric partial hospitalization program

-Intensive outpatient programs

-Residential and outpatient substance use services

-Referral and care coordination to community-based treatment and support services

The new facility is described as a “56,000-square-foot, four-story building designed with both safety and aesthetics in mind for the care of patients and families. The goal being a space that delivered a sense of light, calm and peace.” It truly delivers just that. The colors, the natural light, the art, the décor, and the overall feel of the entire facility is one of tranquility and healing.

The facility has 16 beds. These beds are all in private rooms with en-suite bathrooms providing comfort, and privacy in a safe and well monitored environment. Rooms overlook the courtyard and are flooded with natural light. Even the hallways are bright and open. Soothing artwork and calming colors are found throughout the facility offering a feel of safety, comfort, and reprieve. There are several areas where families can visit with patients as well as several group rooms and a common area. The nurse’s station is currently open to the common area in the hope that it will feel more welcoming and less closed off to those under the care of facility staff.

The courtyard can be utilized by patients with doctor’s approval and staff supervision. It will also be utilized for certain group sessions enabling care to be provided in the fresh air and natural environment. Patients will be in group sessions the majority of the day with social workers, psychiatrists, and therapists. While the inpatient beds are currently only available for adult patients, the intensive day program is approved for adolescents ages 13-17.

To be admitted to the facility patients can be transferred through any Maryland emergency department or through a referring doctor, therapist, or psychiatrist. The facility can currently support 16 adult individuals for in patient care, and 12 adolescents and 22 adults for the day program.

J Kent McNew Family Medical Center is located at 175 Harry S. Truman Pkwy, Annapolis, MD 21401

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