Tips For Families Navigating Divorce

Navigating a divorce can be difficult for the entire family. Children may find the process of a parental divorce to be particularly challenging. Milavetz Law has put together an extensive guide about helping children through a divorce. The guide includes information on how a child’s mental health can be affected during a divorce and ways the people around them can help.

Divorce is common in the United States, with nearly 50% of all marriages ending in divorce. In many instances, children of divorce tend to suffer the most, given their inability to process and cope with continued stress.

The Effects of Divorce on Children

Children can experience short- and long-term negative consequences when their parents divorce. They are still growing and maturing, so every aspect of their lives, from school life to sleeping, tends to be affected.

Financial Security

Divorce brings an increased likelihood of a child living in poverty. Divorce strains a family’s resources and can result in both parents and their children living near or below the poverty line. Instead of one house to run, the family now maintains two, with two sets of bills to match.

Mental Health

Children of divorce are at high risk of mental health problems. Incidences of depression and anxiety increase when a child’s parents go through a separation or a divorce. They may lack the emotional security they felt prior to the divorce and feel shame around kids whose parents aren’t divorced.

Studies show that when the woman is the custodial parent, she’s likely to lose anywhere from 25% to 50% of her pre-divorce income. Custodial fathers also suffer financial losses but may recover more quickly than women….

The full guide can be seen HERE.

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