Stay Home And Stay Safe, The Most Vulnerable Among Us Are Relying On Sound Choices

I found this article to be quite insightful and informative with regards to explaining why play dates are not advised.

Pediatrician Urges Parents To Cancel Play Dates

Before reading this article I also want to state that I am fully aware that there are some parents who are still utilizing their childcare services because as of right now they have no alternatives. The other article I have linked to is the statewide expanded efforts to provide safe and effective childcare for those who have to face this impossible decision. As one mother put it “I am between a financial rock and a crisis hard place.” As governor Hogan stated, for many parents childcare during this time of crisis is still an essential service. As things continue to progress we will have to see if childcare facilities remain open but while they are please exercise extreme caution.

Governor Hogan Enacts Emergency Order to Expand Access to Child Care During COVID-19 State of Emergency

We are in this together and we will love and support each other through this difficult time without judgement. Kindness, compassion, and sound decision making are the only way we will all make it through this especially those most at risk. If you are utilizing childcare please do your best to practice effective hygiene and safety measures and ensure your childcare facility is doing the same. Beyond childcare please have your children refrain from other social interactions. We are all in this together sweet sisters and with love and hope and sound choices we will all come out on the other side and protect the most vulnerable while doing so.

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