Don’t Stop Celebrating

In difficult times of widespread uncertainty it can be hard to find a reason to celebrate. I assure you, if you look hard enough ways and reasons to celebrate are bountiful. Now more than ever, we need to remain positive. We need to remember that life can still be beautiful. We need to seek the joy in every moment. The joys might be hidden, but look harder, I promise they are there.

I wanted to share with you today a positive morning thought: though my celebrations may be smaller, their significance is no less meaningful. Today is Saint Patrick’s day and while we may have some disappointed children that they are not doing fun activities at school…. (and maybe even disappointed adults at the lack of festivities) let us still find ways to celebrate at home. My children had sprinkles in their milk this morning, my attempt at ‘magic milk’ when I realized we were out of green food coloring. We participated in a neighborhood wide activity of coloring shamrocks and taping them to our front doors so whoever goes on a walk this afternoon can see how many they spot. It’s the little things that spark excitement. It’s the little things that remind us that while we may be socially distant, we are still very much connected. Morning FaceTime chats with friends, virtual wine dates, afternoon crafts… these are all moments to find joy in and reasons to celebrate.

Many people are celebrating birthdays, anniversary’s, births, and other exciting events. Life does move forward even though it feels as though everything has come to a screeching halt. Don’t stop living, don’t stop loving, don’t stop celebrating. Use this time to celebrate in your home with those who mean the most to you. Have FaceTime parties, play games, seek meaningful ways to let your loved ones know you care. Yes our celebrations may be smaller but we still have much to celebrate. ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️

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