Dr. Bubnik-Harrison with Kennedy Krieger Talks About Helping Families Through Stressful Times

During times of stress we can all use a little guidance. Dr. Bubnik-Harrison with Kennedy Krieger talks openly with me about how families can work through times of stress with compassion and understanding for each other. Whether that be dealing with current events like Covid-19 or any stressful situation such as the death of a loved one, the loss of a pet, a big move, etc. There are professionals at Kennedy Krieger available to help guide you through long term scenarios or those random curve balls life likes to throw at us. Advice and insight for children and juveniles from ages 5-20. (Telehealth services available)

Insight for how to address and work through trauma, how to address behavior issues that may arise from stress or anxiety, and how parents and caregivers can make sure they are meeting their own needs while caring for others.

Below is some helpful information from SAMHSA about talking with children during infectious disease outbreaks. For more publications on this topic and other valuable insight, please visit their website.

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