POC Providers

We would like to feature a few mental health resources featuring POC.

Octavia Brown is an incredible influence in the Annapolis area. If you know her personally you get it when we say she is INCREDIBLE! She “specializes in racial trauma therapy, trauma-informed care, cognitive behavioral therapy, and behavioral modification. She received her MSW from the University of Maryland Baltimore School of Social Work in 2015, but has served in the urban community for over 10 years.” Her practice is Urban Institute of Mental Health.

Natasha Miller has been working in the greater Washington D.C. area providing counseling and case management services for the past fourteen years. She has experience building relationships with those experiencing homelessness to professionals serving as chief executives. She has a passion for social justice and grass roots advocacy” For more about Natasha visit her site here.

Another valuable resource for women of color is the website http://therapyforblackgirls.com

And for further resources and information on mental health and the black community please visit NAMI’s page here.

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