Art Therapy with Elizabeth Hlavek

In my practice, I work primarily with adolescents and young adults struggling with eating disorders, body image issues and self esteem concerns. I have a strong understanding of the relationship between trauma and body image, and I work delicately with my clients to help recognize these connections to facilitate healing. My experience comes from years working on an eating disorders inpatient unit, day hospital and IOP. Art Therapy can be beneficial for those who struggle to express themselves verbally and is a popular modality in the treatment of PTSD and eating disorders.Art Therapy does not require art skills and art materials are provided. In a typical session, we will both talk and make art. I work with my clients using a variety of media and interventions based on personal preference and therapeutic goals. Sessions and artwork are always confidential.As a Board Certified, Licensed Clinical Art Therapist, I work with clients to facilitate expression and self-awareness. Art Therapy allows individuals to communicate in an alternative, safer, format. Artwork can serve as a metaphor for an individual’s inner experience.Call or Email Elizabeth Hlavek for a free phone consultation now – (443) 291-3460

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