We Are Here If Women Need Support

What is occurring in Texas is an assault on Womens rights. It is an attempt at degrading a woman’s worth, dignity, and bodily autonomy. 

To those who uphold these events as victorious. What if I told you that your religious and personal views can live alongside the understanding that human rights are not to be robbed or revoked. What if I told you that you can be both personally opposed to a specific action while understanding that others have the right to choose for themselves? What if I told you, you can have your own moral compass and guidelines while honoring the fact your choices have no bearing on the rights of others. 

What if I told you that minds and hearts are not changed through judgment, coercion, abuse, manipulation, criminalization, shame, threats, and restricting options. 

What if I told you that minds are hearts are changed through compassionate understanding. And through viewing an individual through a lens that is wide in perspective rather than narrow in focus. 

A constrained choice, is not the same as a choice freely made. And when faced with the cruelty of a system that denies access to basic care, constrained choices will be made…and these choices will not save lives, they will cost lives. 

If you think this it is ok to hide behind your religious morality please check the savage nature of your beloved religion and ask yourself am I really being Christlike in my actions or am I being an enabler of violence and abuse. Vigilante “justice” has no place in a woman’s bodily autonomy.

A strong woman is only as strong as the sisters she uplifts along the way. Sisters, I am sorry, I am here for you. 

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